We are living in a dynamic world. Technology changes all the time and impacts our lives. Every technology comes with its own problems and quirks. It takes time and perseverance to master all the details and transform a set of utilities into a successful commercial product.

During my career I’ve designed and written software for commercially successful devices oriented for ISP market for companies like Nokia Siemens Networks or ADTRAN. This required low-level work with Linux kernel and custom hardware drivers, as well as complex distributed system software, orchestrating operations between multiple hardware cards comprising a full system.

Next chapter of my career focussed on customer premises network and multimedia devices. This includes a range of CPE devices like Sky Hub and SkyQ set-top-box from SKY as well as a range of set-top-boxes sold in retail and distributed by ISPs like BT or TalkTalk running unique YouView software stack. Working with set-top-boxes required focus on a different problems domain and using different technologies. A reliable, fast and distributed middleware built in C++ guarantees great user experience and, at the same time, allows to progress development in an agile manner.

All these products were successfully deployed to milions of homes within United Kingdom serving its purpose well.

This blog is a place where I try to catalogue some of the discoveries and lessons learned from my professional career. Meant for myself so, I don’t forget but, at the same time, maybe useful for other people.

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